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Our Story

Our school philosophy at Chesbrough Elementary School is to bring all students into the educational mainstream by the end of elementary school so they can perform at a level appropriate to their age group in an attempt to reach this goal; the Holistic approach to learning is, implemented. Our faculty, while working within the restraints of the budget, utilized the best techniques and strategies available to help students maximize their potential. We strive to lead each student to a realization, understanding, and appreciation of him/herself as a unique individual with special talents, characteristics, capabilities, and learning styles.

An effort is made to provide opportunities to meet the diverse needs of individual students through auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile learning styles. Through the integration of our learning styles, philosophy of teaching, our plan for improving student achievement, and the Title I School Wide Program, it is our belief that each child will attain the skills necessary to compete in today’s world. We will develop within each child the ability to recognize and accept the diverseness and uniqueness of all individuals. It is our belief that students entrusted to us will become responsible citizens who will be able to adapt to an ever-changing world. Our faculty will work to integrate technology into the classroom through the use of classroom computers, SMART Boards, digital cameras, scanners, and various other forms of technology equipment. We will continue to refine, modify, expand, and enrich our curriculum as necessary to meet the needs of our students.